Popular Press Writings

2019 - The human infrastructure of El Paquete, Cuba's offline internet. Interactions.

2018 - The three types of WhatsApp users getting Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro elected. The Guardian.

2018 - Less communication in the name of democracy? El País, in Portuguese.

2015 - Digital Favelas: What Cities of Tomorrow Can Learn from the Slums of Today. EPIC: Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference.

2013 - “Will Technology Save our People From Poverty?” Free Tribune Column in A Tribuna, in Portuguese.

2012 - Weathering the Media, Mediating the Weather, Under the Influence Magazine, No. 10, Spring/Summer.

Selected Interviews and Press Coverage

2019 - “O brasileiro que virou referência em antropologia da informática nos EUA para ter impacto maior no Brasil.” Globo | G1.

2019 - "Tecnologia para o futuro dos jovens" (in Portuguese).

2019 - "Veja o que quatro especialistas dizem sobre educação dos filhos," A Tribuna,, in Portuguese.

2018 - “Fake news on WhatsApp swayed Brazil’s election. India should be worried” Quartz.

2018 - “Análise: Justiça deixou a desejar, alertamos sobre fake news no WhatsApp” UOL Notícias., in Portuguese.

2018 - “What to know about WhatsApp in Brazil ahead of Sunday’s election” NiemanLab at Harvard.

2018 - “How WhatsApp Turned Brazil’s 2018 Elections Upside-Down: An Autopsy Report” RioOnWatch.

2018 - “Os 3 perfis de usuários do WhatsApp que ajudam a eleger Bolsonaro” Exame Magazine., in Portuguese.

2018 - “Os três tipos de usuários do WhatsApp que vão eleger Jair Bolsonaro” Conversa Fiada., in Portuguese.

2018 - “Selfie: it is not a novelty in the human desire for (self-)expression” Thrive Global.

2018 - “Most Cubans don’t have internet, but they have ‘el paquete’” Il Manifesto.

2018 - “Inside Cuba's massive, weekly, human-curated sneakernet.” Boing Boing.

2018 - “Pesquisador analisa hábitos digitais nos morros de Vitória” A Gazeta., in Portuguese

2017 - “Professor capixaba fala sobre pesquisa que desenvolve nos EUA sobre tecnologia” Globo., in Portuguese

2016 - “2016 Olympics reading list: Brazilian politics, history and culture.” LSE Business Review.

2016 - “TEDx do ES tem inscrições abertas para 2ª edição do evento”. G1, Globo., in Portuguese

2016 - “Capixaba desenvolve projeto na ONU na China.” A Gazeta, Globo., in Portuguese

2016 - “Capixaba vai conduzir estudos da ONU sobre acesso à informação.” Radio CBN - in Portuguese

2015 - “David Nemer Researches Cubans’ Use of Technology during Winter Break.” Global Kentucky

2015 - Fala Manhã (Morning Talk Show in Vitória, Brazil)., in Portuguese

2015 - Enfoque Newsletter.

2015 - “Democracy Through Technology: Internet Access in Rio’s Favelas” – Rio On Watch

2015 - “Democracy Through Technology: The Risks of Inclusion” ” – Rio On Watch

2014 - “Student studies technology use in slums” – IDS News

2014 - New Books Network featuring “Favela Digital: The other side of technology”

2014 - Front cover and main article of the magazine SIM: “Favela Digital” in Portuguese

2013 - “Capixaba lança livro "Favela Digital - O outro lado da tecnologia"”. FAESA Digital

2013 - Interview about the book launch of “Favela Digital – The other side of technology”. Universitária FM Audio in Portuguese.

2013 - “Livro mostra uso de tecnologias nas periferias de Vitória”. Sou ES, in Portuguese.

2013 - “Telecentres and low-income community inspired book by doctoral candidate from Vitória” “Telecentros e comunidade de baixa renda inspiram livro e doutorado de capixaba” Prefeitura de Vitória., in Portuguese.

2013 - Interviewed by Andrea Pena, host of the Personnalité TV Show (30 mins – in Portuguese):

2013 - Interviewed by Thais Venancio, host of the TV Show Fala ES (15 mins – in Portuguese): Video in Portuguese.

2013 - “Researcher from Vitória wears Google Glass” “Cientista Capixaba usa óculos do Google” A Gazeta, in Portuguese.

2013 - “Mothers prefer their sons in the Lan House” “Mães preferem filhos na Lan House” A Tribuna, in Portuguese. January 7th, 2013

2012 - “Tinker Field Research Grantees” Enfoque Newsletter.

2012 - “Of Note: Tinker grant goes to IUB PhD student” Indiana Informatics.

2010 - “Scholarships to study for free in the USA” “Doutorado de graça nos EUA” A Tribuna, in Portuguese.

2006 - “Studying abraod: an experience of a lifetime” “Curso no exterior: uma experiência para toda a vida” A Gazeta, in Portuguese.